Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lucky Dollar, Private Eye

3 daughters and 1 husband are currently performing in Lucky Dollar, Private Eye at the Monticello Opera House. It's a musical murder mystery dinner theater show (did you get all that??) that is a fundraiser for the Little Shop of Horrors production that will go on in the Fall. To date, I have to say that it is my FAVORITE of all of their shows. It is hilarious!! That is, if you like cheesy, schtick-y comedy that makes your stomach hurt from laughing so much! 

Lucky Dollar is an LA private eye who hasn't had a case in 2 years. His secretary is an airheaded blonde, his new client has multiple personalities, and the cops are trying to put him in jail. The story has everything from a loony toon family, a Cuban maid (that is played by a guy), a guy in a gorilla suit, and a Japanese woman that is a little too good with knives. 

If you are in the area, I highly recommend it! The last 2 performances are this Friday and Saturday night at 7pm. $35/ticket includes a Chinese themed dinner and a fantastic show. You can call the Opera House at 997-4242 to make reservations no later than Wed. 

Here are some rave reviews:

"Went to see "Lucky Dollar," the murder mystery dinner theater at the Monticello Opera House. It was beeyoooooutifully cheesy, and I'm not sure who had more fun -- the cast or the audience!" - Pamela S.

"FOUR THUMBS UP!!! Yes, people, I am raising thumbs that I *don't even have* to the MadCo production of "Lucky Dollar" at the Monticello Opera House. It's one of the funniest show's I've seen in a long time, and the singing, acting and dancing are fabulous." - Judi p.

"Looking for something to do this weekend?? Lucky Dollar Private Eye Musical Murder Mystery is a hit!! I promise you, you're in for some side splitting laughs! The cast was absolutely amazing!" - Paulette M.

Daughter #1 is Chartreuse the Chanteuse, a comedy club owner/singer. She is quite out of character in this role, and she pulls it off great! Daughter #2 is an "Unknown Chorus person". She is also part of the "Dollarette" quartet. Daughter #3 is in the chorus. And hubby is in the band on drums. 

Here are just a few pics from the show:

Daughter #1 in green, Daughter #2 in peach

Had to show you Conchita (Jorge)!

Chorus also moonlighted as servers for the dinner. They had their own "Tip" song.
Daughter #1  in black, Daughter #2 below her in orange, and Daughter #3 in yellow with the pink heart sunglasses.

Best song number in the show! This girl can SAAANNNNGG!

So make your way to Monticello this weekend for great food (everyone has been raving about it!) and a great show! 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Hobby Lobby Bandwagon

Have you jumped on it? It keeps circling me. I see news reports and articles all over the place. My first instinct was to just hop right on. But as my husband and I started talking about it, I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I kept thinking, "But on the other hand, is it right to jeopardize thousands of employees' jobs because of your own personal convictions?" In today's economy, I wonder how their employees feel about the line Hobby Lobby has drawn. Believe me, I am against abortion. I speak out against it often. I have friends and relatives that have had abortions, and the effects are long-term and devastating. I am also against abortifacients. I believe life begins at conception. But I was having a hard time believing that HL was willing to endanger their entire company and thousands of jobs over a pill that MIGHT be taken by one of their employees.

A friend and I went out for coffee one night and started talking about it. She reminded me that HL buys a lot of their items in China.Wait a minute...What??!!  We all know that China FORCES thousands of women each year to have abortions.  I went home and told my husband. He does a few minutes of research. Hobby Lobby OWNS a Chinese buying company! This blows me away. How can they possibly reconcile these two things in their minds? How do you draw a line with one government, only to be holding hands with an even worse government??  This "line in the sand" mentality now seems very arbitrary indeed. 

So the bandwagons will have to just keep circling. I won't be riding along.